[PySide] Disabling OpenGL support in PySIde 5.13.2 when Qt 5.13.2 is built with -no-opengl

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Fri Aug 7 15:44:42 CEST 2020

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Em sex, 24 de jul de 2020 13:58, Kacvinsky, Tom <Tom.Kacvinsky at vector.com>

> Hi,
> I am in a situation where I do not want OpenGL support in Qt5 5.13.2 (we
> don't use it, we
> do not make a product that requires OpenGL support), so I configured Qt5
> with -no-opengl.
> However, PySide 5.13.2 seems to require OpenGL support for building the
> QtGui Python
> module.  How can I disable that support considering Qt5 was built without
> OpenGL support?
> The same goes for OpenSSL (though we are using that, so it was me muffing
> the build of Qt5
> without OpenSSL support).
> Thanks,
> Tom
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