[PySide] manylinux1?

icfwm at gmx.net icfwm at gmx.net
Fri Mar 27 19:06:07 CET 2020


I'm seeing you are tagging the linux binary release with the manylinux1
tag. However, when importing PySide2 on the manylinux1 docker container,
it fails saying GLIBCXX_3.4.18 not found. So I assume you are
pragmatically advertising the manylinux1 tag to be able to upload binary
releases to pypi. I appreciate this - having to build PySide2 before
installing would limit the usability a lot.

However, this imposes a problem when trying to release python extensions
depending on the PySide2 extension. May I ask, which system you are
actually using to build PySide2 - I assume it is the same system which
is used to build the qt libraries itself?

Thanks in advance

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