[PySide] PySide6.QtCore.QThreadPool().start() (only one signature, as opposed to PyQt6)

Boštjan Mejak bostjan.xperia at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 17:02:29 CEST 2021

In PyQt6, the start() method of QThreadPool has 2 signatures:

(1) PyQt6.QtCore.QThreadPool().start(QRunnable, priority: int = 0)
(2) PyQt6.QtCore.QThreadPool().start(Callable[[], None], priority: int = 0)


In PyQt6, you don’t need a runnable (a QRunnable instance), you just simply
pass a callable (a Python function/method with a long-running task) to the
start() method of QThreadPool, and be done with it.

The second signature of the start() method of QThreadPool in PyQt6 (listed
above) is the only thing that is keeping me away from PySide6, because in
PySide6 there is only one signature of the start() method (only the first
signature, listed above). Not sure why the second signature isn't available
in PySide6 as well.

Will PySide6 ever provide a second signature of the start() method (just
like PyQt6 does), so that we won’t be forced to create a runnable (a
QRunnable instance), but we would be able to just simply pass a Python
callable (function/method) to it?

Please answer. Thanks.
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