[PySide] examples/explainers for event filters?

Gordon L. Kindlmann glk at uchicago.edu
Wed Aug 31 00:58:30 CEST 2022


I'm looking for simple examples or explainers on how to do event filtering in PySide6.  A google search result for:
pyside6 event filter examples
has as first result:

But I have the feeling that this content represents some incomplete translation of C++ code and its description (the code has opening braces "{" and the text refers to true/false instead of True/False), so I'm not sure how much to trust this material.

I may be in the minority of PySide users in not having used Qt before, with only glancing interactions with C++, as I look to PySide as a better way to make guis for Python code.  These documentation glitches make me think I'm missing some other resources that are more specifically about PySide6.  Any advice?

Thank you,

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