[PySide] How to get more details about what caused a program crash

henry.wede at yahoo.com henry.wede at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 23:26:32 CET 2022

I am creating a program using PySide2 and Python V3.9.0 under Windows 10.  There is no fancy IDE involved... just QtDesigner to create the UI files, Notepad++ to do the editing, and a DOS Window to run the program.  
When running the program, the user can add items to a QTreeWidget.  There are 5 main "branches" and a dialog box lets the user choose which branch to add an item to.  I can add one item to each branch without any problems - but when I add a second item to any branch the program crashes.  There is no error message, it just closes.  It took awhile to figure out what the problem was.
I tried a couple different ways to add the item, so I don't suspect that is the problem.The method for adding an items looks like this:
 def AddAsset(self, NewAsset, BranchName): '''Add the new asset as a child to the existing branch. '''
 Item = self.Widget.findItems(BranchName, QtCore.Qt.MatchExactly, column=0)[0] print(Item) print(Item.childCount()) Item.addChild(NewAsset) print(Item.childCount())
The print statements always make sense... it has 0 children then 1 child.  Next time it has 1 child then 2 children then crashes.
Is there a way to get more detailed information about the problem?
Any suggestions of what my next step should be?
Thanks in advance,Henry
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