[PySide] What if a slot is not decorated with @Slot()?

icfwm at gmx.net icfwm at gmx.net
Fri Nov 18 20:27:00 CET 2022

Hello Chris and others,

thanks for the insights. To be honest, I don't completely understand the
issues I might be facing when not using @Slot decorators. Furthermore, I
fear that there are a lot of code lines in my project which do not use
the decorator... (and it seems to work without any issues).
> There is only one safe way to create reliable signals and slots.
> Use the decorator!

If this statement is actually true, I'm starting to wonder why using
non-decorated python functions is at all possible in signal/slot
connections? Shouldn't there at least be a qWarning or a python warning
in these situations?

Kind Regards


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