[PySide] PySide6 typing stubs available

Philippe Fremy phil at freehackers.org
Sun Aug 6 17:44:09 CEST 2023

Hi Cristian,

The previous email was for pyside2 . I did a few bug reports but the 
feedback was that pyside2 is frozen, there will be no fixes.

For pyside6, I'll do some bug report eventually. For now, I want first 
to stabilize the project and get a big more traction into python static 

My jira login is bluebird75 in case you need to remember.

If you want in the meantime, I can list the general class of typing 
errors made by Qt.



Le 31/07/2023 à 09:55, Cristián Maureira-Fredes via PySide a écrit :
> Hello Philippe,
> I remember your previous email about the same project,
> maybe I don't know your JIRA username, but
> have you report all the incomplete or incorrect stubs
> you mention?
> As stated before, writing down the stubs it's not a problem,
> but the challenge is to generate them automatically.
> I personally don't believe maintaining stubs by hand
> is something that scale over time, but I understand if this
> is your personal project, and something you like.
> Please report the issues if you haven't,
> otherwise the problem you are trying to fix will never
> be solved.
> Cheers
> On 7/30/23 00:18, Philippe Fremy wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Static typing python program is a growing trend with many benefits : 
>> better bug detection and better reliability for example.
>> Unfortunately, the stubs provided by default the pyside6 package are 
>> both incorrect and incomplete. But there is hope...
>> I have just released the pyside6-stubs package which provides 
>> noticeable improvements over the default stubs. For example :
>>   * add all missing signals to the stubs (many were missing)
>>   * fix QFileDialog.getOpen*() methods to accept None as parent argument
>>   * support all QSize and QSizeF operations
>>   * fix QTreeWidgetItem comparison with <
>>   * fix qVersion() returns string, not bytes
>>   * fix qDebug(), qWarning(), qCritical(), qFatal(), SIGNAL(), SLOT() to
>>     accept string, not bytes
>> And many more...
>> To benefit from this, install the pip package : 
>> https://pypi.org/project/PySide6-stubs/
>> To help improve the stubs or report any bug, it's here : 
>> https://github.com/python-qt-tools/PySide6-stubs
>> Regards,
>> Philippe
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