[QBS] Aliases in QBS - first prototype

Joerg Bornemann joerg.bornemann at nokia.com
Fri Feb 17 15:17:36 CET 2012

On 17/02/2012 14:16, ext marius.storm-olsen at nokia.com wrote:

> Not necessarily to _define_ build configurations, but perhaps to easily
> allow you to repeat builds you do quite often. Take Bogdans' build for
> multiple hosts at the same time, often.
> Being able to say
>       qbs buildall-arm
> for example, would make it simpler for him, and many others I'm sure.
> Sure you can always argue, 'you can just make a 1-line shell script for
> that!'. So could you for git as well, yet aliases are there, and I
> already have plenty of them. It's useful.

I like both ideas. The aliases approach can be used for other short-hand 
commands as well.

What Ossi proposes could also be wrapped in something like a git-like 

# set up what we want to build in this build directory
qbs init-build debug foo:bar release x:y a:b c:d e:f
# now build
...hack hack hack...
# build again

That's even less to type but also less flexible.
You see that's also not fully thought through. ;)


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