[QBS] Why we need add qtbase for the default path?

Loaden loaden at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 02:53:56 CEST 2012

> D:\qpSOFT\Sources\Qbs\tests\manual\application>qbs config --list
> local variables:
> global variables:
> defaults/platform = WinSDK7.1.7600.0.30514
> qt/default/path = *D:/qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt
> *qt/default/version = 5.0.0

My Qt5's source path is D:\qpSOFT\Sources\Qt5, But I don't want use it to
build any Qt Apps, because it's so big!!
Then I have to installed Qt5 to another path, and put qt.conf in the
The qt.conf content is:

> [Paths]
> Prefix=D:/qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt
Then every thing works well.

But now if use qbs, it will add *'qtbase', why?*
*Do you mean the Qt path should have a folder named qtbase?*
*No, It's not *necessary.

Error Log:

> D:\qpSOFT\Sources\Qbs\tests\manual\application>qbs
> Found project file D:\qpSOFT\Sources\Qbs\tests\manual\application\test.qbp
> for debug:
>   - [hpp, application] QtHelloWorld as debug
> moc object2.h
> D:\qpSOFT\DEVx86\qt*/qtbase*/bin/moc -D_WIN32 -DUNICODE -DQT_CORE_LIB
> qt/qtbase/mkspecs/default -ID:/qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt/qtbase/include/QtCore
> -ID:/qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt/qtbase/i
> nclude
> -ID:/qpSOFT/Sources/Qbs/tests/manual/application/build/debug/GeneratedFiles/QtHelloWorld
> -ID:
> /qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt/qtbase/include
> -ID:/qpSOFT/DEVx86/qt/qtbase/include/QtGui -o D:/qpSOFT/Sources/Qbs
> /tests/manual/application/build/debug/GeneratedFiles/QtHelloWorld/moc_object2.cpp
> D:/qpSOFT/Sources/
> Qbs/tests/manual/application/object2.h
> ERROR: The process 'D:\qpSOFT\DEVx86\qt\qtbase\bin\moc' could not be
> started: Process failed to star
> t: No such file or directory
> ERROR: The following products could not be built: QtHelloWorld.
> Build failed.

At least, Qbs should auto detected it have or not have *qtbase*.
Please fix it, thanks!

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