[QBS] SubProjects

Ruslan Nigmatullin EuroElessar at yandex.ru
Mon Sep 17 13:34:53 CEST 2012

Currently we have to set list of all products in one property (references) in *.qbp file. But for real project it's too ugly, as we have to list there all binraies, plugins, libraries, dependions of libraries and so on. So I suggest that we may introduce SubProject object:

// myapp.qbp
Project {
    // Can be set from command line
    property bool buildPlugins: true
    references: [

// plugins/plugins.qbp
SubProject {
    condition: project.buildPlugins
    // Why can't we just use file globbing for references? It can greatly simplify QBS project files
    references: "*/*.qbs"

    // And even may be specific Rules for plugins
    Rule { ... }

Any ideas/comments?


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