[QBS] Installing one product at different locations

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at digia.com
Mon Dec 2 09:49:50 CET 2013

On 12/01/2013 06:03 PM, Epting, Thomas wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> A question regarding setting up a specific deployment requirement.
> Consider a project with 3 products, two applications and a dynamic
> library. The library is shared between the applications, but both have
> to be installed in different directories. So it has to be copied at two
> different locations. For example on Windows, it could look like this:
>     one/bin/one.exe
>     one/bin/shared.dll
>     two/bin/two.exe
>     two/bin/shared.dll
> Now I have created a project that p       roduces all 3 product (see
> below). But I cannot file a way how to add Groups with qbs.install /
> installDir (or any other mechanism) that finally copies my shared.dll to
> more than one final location.

The installation mechanism assumes one target directory per file, so 
what you want is currently not possible, I think. Conceptually, your 
library does not have a fixed target location at all, it's basically 
"where it's needed by whoever depends on it". I'd just do two separate 
calls to "qbs install" in this case.


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