[QBS] QtScript and the future of QBS

Oleg Shalnev oleg.shalnev at gmail.com
Tue Jan 1 14:44:12 CET 2013

Happy New Year to all and Hello!

Let me ask a question, please.

Developing and supporting for QtScript in Qt5 is canceled because of
switching to QML and V8.

Could anybody explain me the feature of Qbs, this one of the most waiting
tool fo me.
Will there be old deprecated QtScript continue to use or developers will
choose new v8?

And what about the feature of QBS?

Thanks a lot.

Oleg Shalnev         (Kalpa Project)
mailto: oleg at kalpa.ru
skype:  oleg_shalnev
jabber:  oleg.shalnev at gmail.com
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