[QBS] Heads up: "Platforms" are gone

Ruslan Nigmatullin euroelessar at yandex.ru
Fri Jan 18 12:18:19 CET 2013


I still wonder if it is possible to run autotests on clear machine? I mean, is it possible to checkout qbs and jus run "qmake && make && make check"?

18.01.2013, 13:27, "Christian Kandeler" <christian.kandeler at digia.com>:
> Hi,
> as indicated some weeks ago, we have now removed the platforms concept,
> which had become redundant with the introduction of profiles. This means
> that both the "qbs.platform" setting as well as the "qbs platforms"
> command have gone.
> What does this mean for you?
> a) Instead of "qbs platforms probe", you now say "qbs
> detect-toolchains". It works the same way, but creates profiles instead
> of platforms.
> b) To share settings between profiles, use the new "baseProfile"
> setting, e.g. "qbs config profiles.qt.baseProfile gcc", where "gcc"
> could be a profile set up via "qbs detect-toolchain".
> That should be all. If I've missed something, let me know.
> Christian
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Ruslan Nigmatullin

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