[QBS] QBS default build directory

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at digia.com
Mon Jan 21 11:55:12 CET 2013

On 01/20/2013 05:19 AM, Jake Thomas Petroules wrote:
> I had an idea for QBS that I think would be rather convenient. Currently, when you run a build, a directory for the profile is created in the current directory with the name of the profile. It would be nice if (by default), the build directories were named `qbs-build/<profile>` rather than simply `<profile>`.

That's how it used to be, and I found the mandatory two-level directory 
structure rather annoying.

> If you have multiple profiles set up, it's much easier to ignore a single directory that's always named the same, rather than a bunch of directories that may be named differently for each developer's setup.
> I know that you can just `mkdir qbs-build && qbs -f ..`

Exactly ;)

> but I think that placing profile build directories within a `qbs-build` directory by default would be a cleaner and more convenient approach.

Note that this does not enable you to have a "catch-all" qbs build 
directory. For instance, I work on both released versions of QtCreator 
(which still gets bugfix releases) and on the current master. The 
project name is the same, so I cannot use the same top-level build 
directory, since the profile names would not be unique. So I already 
have something like "builds/creator-2.6" and "builds/creator-master", 
and the actual profile-specific build directories within. Now with your 
proposal, it would say "builds/creator-2.6/qbs-build", plus e.g. 
"Qt5-debug". The additional namespace doesn't give me anything there, 
except higher blood pressure due to more (mis)typing.

 > Helps avoid name collisions, too.

Against non-qbs stuff, you mean? That can easily be fixed by adding some 


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