[QBS] Questions about QBS best practices

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Fri Jun 14 12:38:34 CEST 2013

13.06.2013 23:40, Tobias Hunger пишет:
> you might want to update your creator to a copy from today: You will
> find support for Qbs properties in the Qbs build step then.
> I had a bug report for that, so implementing this was a bug fix and
> definitely not a new feature. I am sure everybody here will agree:)
What do you mean by properties support?I've downloaded latest trunks of 
qbs and QtC just an hour ago, compiled them together, but haven't 
noticed any changes.

QtC qbs plugin creates such a profile in qbs.conf:


if i replace some values, or just add line


it disappearing just as before.

Moreover, i couldn't just pass custom buildVariant to qbs! (screen 
attached) or any other parameters... (i can do that for make - oh, i 
understand that it is separate tool, but... its annoing).

I shill wondered, what is a correct way (without system ENV settings) 
set dozen of absolute path. For all build variants... qbs config still 
useless with QtC ;)
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