[QBS] complex "name:" and this name depend

Oleg Shalnev oleg.shalnev at gmail.com
Thu Nov 7 15:25:25 CET 2013

Hello all.

I am trying to understand the possibilities of creating complex modules name


DynamicLibrary {

    name: "SomeLib"+"_"+SomePostfix



Application {

    name: "SomeApplication"+'_'+OtherPostfix

     Depends { name: "cpp" }

    Depends { name: "Qt"; submodules: ["core", "network"] }

    Depends { name: "SomeLib"+"_"+SomePostfix }



Is it possible, may be I must know a trick.
By default this construction is not working. (Product dependency '....' not
found. )

Thanks a lot!
Oleg Shalnev         (Kalpa Project)
mailto: oleg at kalpa.ru
skype:  oleg_shalnev
cell    :  +79187417217
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