[QBS] How to use WIX module

Denis Shienkov denis.shienkov at gmail.com
Sat Apr 5 21:09:37 CEST 2014

Hi all.

I know, that current QBS version (at least from v 1.2.0) contains the 
new module "WixModule.qbs".
So, for me is very interest:

- how to, using this module, build an MSI installer?
- what common use case?

For example, my project has following configuration:

[ project.qbs ]


Project  {

     references:  [





[ /project.qbs ]

[ installer.qbs ]


Product  {

     name:  "myinstaller"

     Depends  {  name:  "wix"  }

     Depends  {  name:  "library"  }

     Depends  {  name:  "application"  }

     files:  [





[ /installer.qbs ]

I imply so that the product "Installer" depends on "Library" and 
"Application" products, i.e. shall be executed only after "Library" and 
"Application" will be build.

But in my case the project "Installer" does not running at all. Even if 
I execute purpose "build/deploy". I.e. no errors, no any output...

PS: To build my Project, I use the QtCreator v 3.1 beta, where the QBS 
with the WiX support is available.

So, say please, what I do wrong? Whether there are any examples of use 
of the WiX module?

Best regards,

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