[QBS] How to resolve dependencies on generated header files

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Thu Aug 7 12:55:50 CEST 2014


>>> Qbs now supports rules with a flexible number of outputs.  For example,
>>> you may write an IDL file containing the descriptions of several C++
>>> interfaces. An interface compiler generates a number of header files. The
>>> generated header files are automatically taken into account as potential
>>> dependencies.
>> I stumbled over the word *automatically*. I know how to write custom
>> transformation rules in modules to generate header files, but I do not
>> understand how the generated header files would magically appear in
>> cpp.includePaths.
> They don't appear magically in cpp.includePaths, and I have no clue how
> you've concluded this from the above paragraph.

That was my intention of "taking header files automatically into account as
potential dependencies".

>> From what I understand, I would have to define an extra product for
>> generated header files which anoher product can then depend on [1] or I
>> could use a fixed output folder, where all generated files are written to.
>> This output folder is then explicitly added to cpp.includePath. The latter
>> is done for ui files in [2] as well.
> That's true. What exactly is your question?

What 'automatically' means then in the above paragraph? Does it mean
anything beyound "generated header files can be tagged and therefore serve
as dependencies for other rules"?


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