[QBS] What is the suggested way to do deeply nested projects?

Alexandre Cossette-Pacheco acossette at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 14:34:23 CEST 2014

> I currently do not see a nice way how to magically determine whether a
>> dot in a name means "hierarchy separator" or "it's just a dot".
> And after an office discussion we suddenly see a way on the horizon how
> this can be fixed. Keep track of QBS-665 and QBS-666.

That's nice, I'll keep an eye on those!

Also, when I enumerated our conventions, I forgot to mention that our
project directories structure did also follow the module hierarchy

So, project "company.product.some_module.submodule" is
- Located in the "company/product/some_module/submodule" folder
- With
as the full path to the qbs project name

This gives us a consistent directory structure with predictable project
file names with no clashes with different projects that have submodules
with the same name. It's easy to find the right project directories through
a file browser and through our IDE (QtCreator).


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