[QBS] Static build with QBS with Ubuntu

Jicquel Dorian dorian.jicquel at mana-sys.fr
Wed Jul 2 12:48:40 CEST 2014

I tried to build my application project with qbs with a statically build 
qt ( 5.3.0 ) and errors occurs while linking job ( undefined reference 
errors ) so i mailed the support and they said that i had to manually 
add the library with cpp.dynamicLibraries .
I sucessfully build my app after that but when i try to launch it from 
the console (to have the error messages) , it says that the app didn't 
find the xcb platform plugin.
How can i avoid that ? because platform plugins aren't linked with the 
application and it is a static build so i can't deploy anything with the 
project , did i missed something ?

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