[QBS] Qbs IncrediBuild in QtCreator

Thomas Epting thomas.epting.stryker at gmail.com
Wed Jul 23 16:18:27 CEST 2014

 > > I'm not knowledgeable about Incredibuild at all, but any solution that
 > > calls the qbs command line tool seems entirely wrong.
 > > Why not just start Creator via ibconsole?
 > While this works in theory, it has some major impacts on usability. The
 > most important one is that your workstations remains in state "building"
 > as long as QtCreator is running. Thus, no others can use your machine's
 > CPUs for IncrediBuilding, even if you do nothing else than having
 > QtCreator started. Furthermore, you don't have a chance to start any

Let me revisit this topic: Is there any other idea/chance of getting
IncrediBuild running smoothly with Qbs inside QtCreator? For our (about 40)
developers it's absolutely important to have a suitable and covenient
integration. IncrediBuild speeds up compilation by factors 4 to 10, which
is especially important on large projects.

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