[QBS] About vcproj generators

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Sun Jul 27 08:12:36 CEST 2014


I just wonder, does anybody tried to implement .vsproj/.sln generator 
for qbs?
I have created such tool some weeks ago, but it has some possible flaws:
-It uses qbscore library (so it low integreated to qbs tree),
-It generates projects which uses "NMake tool" template and runs qbs on 
-generates debug/release configurations for several qbs profiles 
(==profiles*2 vcproj configs)
It's ok for our company, but i am thinking about better approach.
What already done?
-Generating .sln files with subgroups as nested Projects items do;
-Files and filters (in a plain list without groups)
-Writing Intellisence settings (includes and defines)
-Some common options as target name and destination directory.

I have some plans of what could be done right:

1. writing command-line tool alike qbs-qt-setup;
2. writing autotests;
3. implement generating projects which invoke VCCompiler, not 
nmake-like. So it should create moc invokation just like QtAddin does.

So, i am asking QBS leaders: How should it be?

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