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> Hi Denis,
> If you only need the files for use with WiX there might be a workaround.
> WiX provides the tool head.exe which can create wxs files with a component containing all files found in one directory.
> This tool could be easily used in special rule or transform which requires only one file as the root of the directory structure as input.
> This rule would then call “heat.exe dir sourceDir -out output.wxs” with extra arguments as required and would produce output.wxs which when tagged as “wxs” should be used by the wix module like any normal wxs-file.
> You then don’t have a list of all files inside qbs but they will still be included in the installer.
> However I don’t think that heat is able to filter for specific files. You have to make sure that only the files you really want are inside the directory.
> Best Regards,
> Johannes
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This is a good point. The task for implementing WiX support in Qbs (QBS-413) is still incomplete; there's a lot of functionality to add and it will be a while before I'll be able to get to it all. heat is the perfect tool for a 'WixFileCollection' product type or something of the sort. Perhaps it could even collect output artifacts of dependent products allowing for a clean, smooth way of getting your EXEs and DLLs into your MSI.
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