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> Hi Joerg and Jake,
> Thanks for your time to explain me in such a detail all my queries. Also I am sorry for my late reply.
> I am using qbs from command line for building the project. Qtcreator is just my editor to rapidly write the code. So how it can be that if I change the build setting in qtcreator for the build directory it would be reflected in qbs?
> " What's your use case?"
> If I want to support multiple build systems for my project so that the user who is pulling my source may use the one already installed in their system. In that case I would like to have absolute control over the directory structure and the naming convention of the generated artifacts so that its uniform for all the  supported build systems.
As Jörg said, we're considering the build directory to be opaque. I think you'll find that attempting to synchronize the build directory structure/filenames between two entirely different build systems will be extremely difficult and error prone, and due to this it is not something we'll actively try to work towards supporting (not to mention there's little practical use).

I would suggest you pick a single build system for your project, or for you and your colleague to simply each use your preferred one without worrying if the directory structures are the same. In fact, Qt Creator can currently be built using either qbs or qmake, and the build directory structure being different hasn't been a problem to us. :)
> Thanks again for all these help.
> Regards
> Santanu

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