[QBS] Version and product name

olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Wed May 14 11:13:19 CEST 2014


Thanks for your answer.
For qmake, this is not limited to version, there are : 
we are using it today. This is somewhat important for us.
Yes this is a little confusing but not important. I do that only to 
check i'm using the right version.

Many thanks


> On 14-May-14 10:49, olivier musse wrote:
>> 1) event with settings name and version property in my product, the
>> generated executable have nothing set in its properties (version,
>> product). With qmake the rc file is automatically generated. Is there
>> something equivalent with qbs?
> Currently, no rc file is automatically generated. This qmake feature 
> is limited to the VERSION variable anyways, so I didn't adapt it to qbs.
> You need to create your rc file manually and add it to the files list 
> of the product.
>> 2) using a 1.2.0 version, when I include "import qbs 1.2" I get the
>> following message. Is this normal
>>    Incompatible qbs version 1.2. This is qbs 1.0.
> Hmm yes, I see how this can be confusing. The version number in the 
> "import qbs" statement is the "language version" and not the qbs 
> version. Just keep it as 1.0 for now.
> BR,
> Joerg

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