[QBS] Duplicate product name

olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Tue May 20 09:50:41 CEST 2014


I'm back on that point after working on it this night trying to find a 
solution without success. Perhaps I'm missing something, it should be 
possible to do that with qbs.
Hereafter is a sample more close to what is finally my case.
Imagine I'm developing two applications app1 and app2 both working with 
the same static library but potentially with different version of this 
library => each application should compile it's version and use it. My 
folder tree is like that (the files in folder)
global   (global.qbs)
     app1  (app1.qbs and app1_project.qbs)
         mystaticlib  (static.qbs)       [version x.x.x]
     app2  -> (app2.qbs and app2_project.qbs)
         mystaticlib  (static.qbs)       [version y.y.y]

------ static.qbs ----
Product {
     type: "staticlibrary"
     name: "mystaticlib
------ app1.qbs ----
Product {
     name: "app1"
------ app2.qbs ----
Product {
     name: "app2"
---- app1_project.qbs ----
Project {
     references:["mystaticlib /static.qbs", "app1.qbs"]
---- app2_project.qbs ----
Project {
     references:["mystaticlib/static.qbs", "app2.qbs"]
---- global.qbs

How can I manage a global project without having the duplicate product 
name issue for the both mystaticlib.
What i do not understand is why each Project item in qbs is not having 
it's own build graph and build properties. This should solve my issue, 
but once again, I'm a newbie.... and certainly wrong.

After one week working on my projects, I have yet many things to do but 
this seems to be the last problem to be able to switch all my qmake 
projects to qbs.
I can conclude that on most points, qbs is really efficient and better 
than qmake.

Thanks in advance for help


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