[QBS] Thanks

olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Sat May 24 11:31:24 CEST 2014


Sorry if it is not the place to do that.
I was looking at Qbs story for about a year, hoping one day to migrate 
all my projects from qmake to QBS.
Two weeks ago I started a migration on a single project and finally 
decide to migrate our 16 active projects (40 .pro files and 60.pri files)
After one week, two guys working on it 100%, it is done.
Then I would like to say :
- Many thanks to the developers for this amazing job. It needs yet some 
improvements but at this time you can do all you need, sometimes with 
dirty workaround but our .pro files where also full of such dirty things
- Many thanks to all people helping us in this mailing list. Almost 
every question is answered quick and detailed even when it is a stupid 
one (I asked many of them)
- To people starting with QBS (and coming from qmake), do not give up, 
at the beginning it's hard to change the way of thinking because QBS is 
really different but when you get it, it is really more powerful, 
efficient and re-usable with an object-orientated approach. The 
migration worth the effort.


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