[QBS] Just a few questions

Kevin Chaves kmchaves at live.com
Tue May 27 16:19:14 CEST 2014

Thanks for all the information. This helped clear up a lot of things I was unsure of. 

> > It looks like I might be able to do something like this in 1.3 where
> > sourceDirectory can be used with… moduleSearchPath I think it was.
> No idea what sourceDirectory has to do with this.

 mentioned this because the way we currently do it, we have qmake cache 
set a top level directory and import a pri from the top level. I was 
thinking doing the same thing using the two. Good i didn't though, 
the solution ended up being much simpler then i had expected. 

> I guess you could achieve something like that with a custom Rule or 
> Transformer, but you should be aware that that part of the build will be 
> opaque to qbs, so a bit of time will be wasted calling qmake/make when 
> building incrementally as qbs won't be able to tell whether that is 
> actually necessary.

 fine. My company has this thing against prebuilt binaries so we just 
need to build these once and use qbs to export the paths to them properly. Is it possible to get the correct qmake from the qt config that qbs uses. This would need to be wrapped in a Product correct?
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