[QBS] Some common questions about roadmap: destDir and generators

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Fri Sep 5 13:03:54 CEST 2014

On 05.09.2014 07:21, Jake Petroules wrote:
> On 2014-09-04, at 05:03 PM, Smirnov Vladimir <mapron at yandex.ru> wrote:
>> 1. "product.destination must die". Is it right, that we should replace
>> it with install dir? How can i setup such behaviour:
>> having different products in project, which targets in different
>> folders/drives?
> Can you please elaborate on this use case and why you might need to do this?
It is not critical, but now in my project i have products which compiles 
at two paths - user-level utilities and engineer. Probably problem could 
solved, writing proper installer scripts...

>> 2. About generators API and modules.
>> Will qbs generate ONLY wrappers? Or it will create native IDE builds too?
> My Xcode plugin(s) support both just because I felt like it, but the latter is not as useful because it can't use the full power of Qbs and is inherently limited. What use cases do you have in mind?
Personally, I don't see use case for full Visual Studio project 
generation. Only one hard point for my brain is "Makefile generator", 
which should'nt just call qbs, it's silly...
Maybe we should create some subset of buildgraph API, to create 
"bootstrapping makefiles". I'm not sure at all, I just wondered on WHOLE 
roadmap =)

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