[QBS] Compiling Qt project with qbs + Qt Creator

Христо Христов bgwaterfalls at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 16:13:38 CEST 2014

I'm trying to learn qbs and use it for Qt projects in Qt Creator. What is
wrong with my project file?  I get the following error:

:-1: error: cannot find -lC:/SDKs/Qt/5.3/mingw482_32/lib/Qt5Cored
:-1: error: cannot find -lC:/SDKs/Qt/5.3/mingw482_32/lib/Qt5Guid
:-1: error: cannot find -lC:/SDKs/Qt/5.3/mingw482_32/lib/Qt5Widgetsd

import qbs

Product {

    type: "application" // To suppress bundle generation on Mac

    name: "test_ResourceFileManager"

    Depends { name: "cpp" }

    cpp.cppFlags: "-std=c++11"

    Depends {

        name: "Qt";

        submodules: ["core", "gui", "widgets"]


    files: [






    Group {     // Properties for the produced executable

        fileTagsFilter: product.type

        qbs.install: true


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