[QBS] Target pathnames getting too long on Windows

Thomas Epting thomas.epting.stryker at gmail.com
Thu Sep 25 15:16:21 CEST 2014

> > Now with the new target structure introduced in Qbs 1.3 one can easily
> > exceed this limit. In this version, the target structure is composed of
> > these these parts (at least for MSVC):
> >
> >

Let me follow up on this. First, please note that I like the new target
structure very much. It's simple, clean and comprehensible. However it's a
shame that Windows still has this 260 character limitation.

Maybe the second occurence of <profile> can be avoided. It seems to be
redundant to me, and leaving it out helps a bit with the 260 char problem.
Another idea would be to find a suitable way to shorten <srcpath>.

What do you think?

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