[QBS] propagate compiler options

Richard Weickelt richard at weickelt.de
Mon Jan 12 07:11:11 CET 2015

> Thanks for your reaction. I probably have now other choice than doing it
> like that but I see it as a work-around. I also played with SubProjects
> and Modules but nothing solves my problem. For QT creator I tried the
> test in this directory "qt-labs-qbs/tests/auto/api/testdata” and that one
> did also not work. 

Am I getting You right, that You want to set some toolchain options in a
product and all parent products should be build with the same options? Even
though that makes sense in Your case, think about the following example
which is not uncommon:

Product A depends on product C
Product B depends also on product C.

Let's assume product C defines some default toolchain options. When product
A defines its own toolchain flags and product B does that as well, what
would happen with the options in product C? You can not simply override them
with the options of a dependent product A/B. Product C would have to be
build twice - with different options for A and B. But QBS builds every
product exactly once during a build procedure.

A straight forward solution for the above scenario would be, to define all
common toolchain options in the toolchain profile.

> It is actually strange that something simple like
> compile options can’t be propagated or that files can be simply added to
> the files: [] list. For example like:
> Export { files: [ foo.c ] }
> I tried to look into the code and add it myself, but I have to take more
> time to understand the structure of the abs sources.

What exactly are You going to achieve with that?

Kindest Regards

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