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Andrii Anpilogov anpilog at gmail.com
Fri Jan 16 09:38:22 CET 2015

Hi Richard,

> > The double reference/Depend stuf is also a thing I don’t understand and
> > is in my opinion redundant. And as you say; inconvenient. As a programmer
> > I never want to do things twice ;-)
> It's not redundant. References are on project level. Dependencies are on
> product level.

What is missed is ability to add references from Product. This limitation
is really annoying for projects with nested dependencies. For example I
have few libraries that depends on almost 10 drivers (each is separate
Product) so I have to define very long list of references in the project.
I understand it's kind of rare case. It seem to me kind of big change to
Don't get me wrong, I don't complain about it just want to example it here
and maybe you guys implement it one day.

BTW, I applied this trick to remove "redundant" Depends in root Product:
Of course it's ugly trick but probably someone could find it useful for
existing projects...

import "RootProject.qbs" as RootProject

Project {

    references: ["libA.qbs", "libB.qbs", "libC.qbs"]

    RootProject {


import qbs.FileInfo

Product {

    Depends { name: FileInfo.baseName(project.references[0]);
condition: !!project.references[0]  && autoDepends }

    Depends { name: FileInfo.baseName(project.references[1]);
condition: !!project.references[1]  && autoDepends }

    Depends { name: FileInfo.baseName(project.references[2]);
condition: !!project.references[2]  && autoDepends }

    // Add reasonable amount of possible dependencies.

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