[QBS] Usage qbs for editing Qt sources

Smirnov Vladimir mapron at yandex.ru
Sat Jul 4 15:28:32 CEST 2015


I just tried some strange things which I want to share with others.
1. I downloaded latest (5.5) Qt Sources, including all Addons.
2. I created qbs file:
Depends { name: "Qt"; submodules: ['core', 'gui', 'widgets', 'network'] }
name: 'qt-source'
files: ['**/*.c','**/*.cc','**/*.cpp', '**/*.h']
and placed in qt Src root.
3. Opened It in QtCreator 3.4.2.
Project consumed 3.5 Gb RAM and after some minutes displayed all 
contents. "Parsing C++ files" takes dozens of minutes.
I counted files in projects list, around 70 000 source files (Flat view 
and then counting approx.).
4. Viewing and editing  - no lags.
5. Now i try to build "qmakeglobals.cpp" from qtbase/qmake lib.

19:37:20: Running steps for project qt-src...

compiling qmakeglobals.cpp

20:54:25: Elapsed time: 1:17:05.

I think it's too long :) But I was happy it finally make it.

Also, during the build (one file), memory consumption raised to 6.3Gb (i 
think it is a BG).

7 Conclusion: as prototype, it works. In real life, no need to load all 
modules sources an once.
But in real life, building Qt is more complicated that 
"compile-and-link-all files".

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