[QBS] A more general replacement for qbs-setup-xxx utilites

Aleksey Sidorov gorthauer87 at yandex.ru
Wed Mar 25 12:19:55 CET 2015

I think, that had accumulated enough hard coded tools to setup qbs profile. And I think more complex applications will want more of these utilities. For example, some applications on unix wants to convert pkg config files to qbs modules or run some environment checks.

May be need to replace qbs setup tools with qbs script based solution?

Something like:

ModuleGenerator {
    name: "pkg-config"
    property string prefix: "/usr"    
    CommandLineOption {
        name: "prefix"
        shortName: "p"
        description: "Root directory for pkg config files"
    Group {
        files: ["*.pc"]
        prefix: prefix + "/**/"
    Rule {
        inputs: ['pc']
        Artifact {
            fileTags: ['qbs']
            filePath: input.fileName + '.qbs'
        prepare: {
            /// parse and generate magic


qbs setup pkg-config  --settings-dir .config/qbs  --prefix /opt/sysroot --profile cross

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