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olivier musse olivier.musse at sfr.fr
Thu Sep 3 19:43:54 CEST 2015

Hi Christian,
Le 03/09/2015 17:14, Christian Kandeler a écrit :
> On 09/03/2015 05:00 PM, olivier musse wrote:
>> I would like, in a rule of a product (application), apply some
>> modification on the target files of another product (dynamic library) on
>> which the application depends.
>> I tried using inputsFromDependencies as following but is does not works.
> Note that "does not work" is the least helpful description possible.
You are right, this is not really helpfull, but "does not work" seems 
nothing happen at all, not error, no call of prepare part.
>> Product {
>>        type:['dynamicLibrary','mylib']
> I assume you really have an artifact with the tag "mylib"?
I added it because for the rule I have tried as artifact fileTags both 
"myapp" and "mylib" so this is in my sample not useful
>>        name:'myLibrary'
>> }
>> Product {
>>        type:['application','myapp']
>>        Rule{
>>           inputs:['dynamicLibrary']
>>            inputsFromDependencies:['myLibrary']
> This is the name of your library, not a file tag.
You are right I was thinking it must be a library name and the 
associated filetags in inputs.
I do no understand how to specify a filetags associated to the output of 
myLibrary (the generated dll file) ?
> Also, I don't see a dependency on the library anywhere.
Yes sorry I forgot to write it in the mail but of course there is a 
Depends{name:"myLibrary"} in my application product
>>            Artifact{
>>                  filePath:input.filePath
>>                  fileTags:"myapp"
>>            }
>>            prepare: .........
>>        }
>> }
> Christian
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