[QBS] Qbs not working in Creator on Win7

Tyler Daniel tyler at rosette-research.com
Fri Sep 4 04:15:43 CEST 2015

>> Should qbs work on windows??  I’d really like to use it, especially after investing so much time, but I’m at a loss and need to get real work done soon.  :( :(
> It works fine in my experience (using MSYS2).

When you say msys2, do you mean that’s the compiler/kit you’re using?

I’m using visual studio 2013 (12.0), or trying to.

> Have you enabled the plugin? Help -> About Plugins…

It’s enabled by default.

I’ve tried the offline installer for Qt 5.5.0, which installs QtC 3.4.2 and the online installer which installs QtC 3.5.0.  3.4.2 doesn’t even show main.cpp when generating a Qbs “c++ program” using the wizard.  3.5.0 parses that far, but again, doesn’t have the compilers setup so it can’t do anything.

Super frustrating.  I’ll have to go back to qmake and maybe work on getting Qbs to work in the background sometime.  It’s totally broken out of the box.  Sadness.


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