[Qbs] Use debug information files in rules

Jicquel Dorian dorian.jicquel at mana-sys.fr
Wed Dec 21 16:56:00 CET 2016


I'm currently facing a problem where it's impossible for me to use the 
generated pdb files .

I tried a rule with "debuginfo" for input but there is a conflict 
between rules :

:-1: erreur : Conflicting rules for producing 
   while trying to apply: 
[obj] -> [debuginfo]
   was already defined in: 
[obj] -> [debuginfo]

My product has a "dynamiclibrary" type and imho it shouldn't end in the 
applicationLinker Rule in windows-msvc.qbs .

I also tried to create a file group with the path to the pdb files but i 
have a warning before generation as the file doesn't exists and after 
generatin an assert is triggered telling me that files in group can't be 
used in executor .

Thanks in advance  ,



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