[QBS] Cannot install files to the same location

Sebastian Stadelmann s.stadelmann at aucos.de
Thu Jul 14 15:35:26 CEST 2016


I’m trying to install two files with the same name from two different source locations to the same destination.
QBS shows the error message „Cannot install files „./path1/file1.ini“ and „./path2/file1.ini" to the same location.
Ok. On the first view, doing so does not make too much sense.
But my projects relies on the following directory structure:


So file1.ini is changed to customers needs by coping it into the Customer directory. I was expecting that file1.ini from
the Customers directory will overwrite file1.ini from the Generic tree what gives me the opportunity to make customization
without changing the generic part.

Is there a possibility to do with QBS?

Thank you in advance

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