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Hi Julian,

The right place for these questions in future is the qbs mailing list -- qbs at qt-project.org<mailto:qbs at qt-project.org>; I've CC'ed it.

That said, it looks like you have a Group or Groups which install files tagged dynamiclibrary and android.nativelibrary to the same location. This is an error because the destination file path for the two files in your error message is the same and therefore ambiguous as to which should be installed. For Android shared libraries, you should only install artifacts tagged android.nativelibrary, not artifacts tagged dynamiclibrary, since the former has gone through some additional necessary processing. Simply remove dynamiclibrary from your fileTagsFilter and the error should go away.

On Jul 26, 2016, at 3:16 AM, Julian Kirsch <jkirsch at kleincodiert.at<mailto:jkirsch at kleincodiert.at>> wrote:

My name is Julian and I am really sorry, if this is the wrong way to contact/ask something about the Qt Build Suite.
Recently I started to develop a small library using C++, which is targeted at game developers, who want to create cross-platform games.

In my current ‘sprint’ I have need to implement a ‘window class’ for Android. However, I have written the class skeleton and wanted to
validate that everything compiles correctly. It seems to compile correctly, but I am still getting this error:

ERROR: Cannot install files 'C:/Users/Julian/Desktop/Repositories/GFL/android-release/GFL.Platform.android-armv5.15093b8e/stripped-libs/libGFL.Platform.so' and 'C:/Users/Julian/Desktop/Repositories/GFL/android-release/GFL.Platform.android-armv5.15093b8e/libGFL.Platform.so' to the same location 'C:/Users/Julian/Desktop/Repositories/GFL/android-release/install-root/libGFL.Platform.so'.
The following products could not be built for configuration android-release:
        GFL.Platform (for profile 'android-armv5')

I have already tried to delete the build artefacts/build folder, however, this error persists. Is this a bug related to
Qt Build Suite itself or is this a problem related to my build-file<https://github.com/ThisIsJulian/GFL/blob/feature_window/Platform/Platform.qbs>?

J. Kirsch

P.S.: You’re awesome for working on Qbs. Finally a build system with sane syntax <3

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