[Qbs] Generated QML files in QRC file

Lars Ivar Igesund larsivi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 10:13:33 CEST 2017


I'm trying to convert a somewhat big qmake based project to qbs. The next
challenge is that we have some text files from which we generate C++ and/or
qml files.

I have created a module for this that I depend on and configure for the
products that need it. The products are all C++/Qt based, but most also
with QML components embedded in a resource file. The normal QML files work
fine, but I'm a bit at a loss for how to include the generated QML file in
the resource file. (The C++ files are generated and added properly.)

In Qmake, the reference to the generated file was always present in the qrc
file, and then the extra compiler stuff doing the generation depended on
the input, and also had target_predeps set. Thus the generated file was
eventually present when RCC was run.

In qbs, I thought I could do something similar, but I'm not able to make
the correct dependencies I think. The file is not generated, and RCC fails
with a missing file.

Any suggestions?

Best regards,
Lars Ivar Igesund
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