[Qbs] "Multi" Properties

Карелин Павел hkarel at yandex.ru
Mon Dec 18 12:04:21 CET 2017


In my project, I use the following construction:

     cpp.defines: {
         var def = [];
         if (project.simdDebug)

         if (project.useSimd)

         return def;

It works fine.
But I decided to experiment and do the same through "Properties"

     Properties {
         condition: project.simdDebug
         cpp.defines: outer.concat(["SIMD_DEBUG"])
     Properties {
         condition: project.useSimd
         cpp.defines: outer.concat(["USE_SIMD"])

As a result, I get either SIMD_DEBUG or USE_SIMD at the output, but not 
both at once.
Is it possible to get both values immediately using "Properties"?

BR, Pavel Karelin
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