[Qbs] WARNING: Suspicious use of qbs.TextFile during property evaluation.

Карелин Павел hkarel at yandex.ru
Mon Jan 16 17:21:49 CET 2017

16.01.2017 19:04, Christian Kandeler пишет:
> Hi Pavel,
>> Today I went to QBS version 1.7.1 (previously 1.6.1)
>> When I build the project I began to receive the following message:
>> WARNING: Suspicious use of qbs.TextFile during property evaluation.
>> How can I remove/hide this warning?
> there is no way to switch off this particular warning, so you'd need to
> suppress all non-error messages via the "-qq" (or by disabling "show
> warnings" in the Qt Creator issues pane).
This is not a good idea. How I then see compilation warnings?
>> In this case, I am quite
>> consciously call qbs.TextFile to calculate the value of the property. I
>> could use a 'probe', but at the 'project' level it can not be done.
> Project-level Probes will be possible in 1.8. Until then, you'll have to
> live with the warning, unless you can move the respective property to a
> module or product instead.
Well I will wait. Perhaps, I come back to version 1.6.1
> Christian
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