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I made it to work by providing all variables to the qdocconf file I possibly could. Then it started working but I would love to know which one(s) are mandatory when running through Qbs as they apparently were not needed for running from the command line. I have also discovered some inacurracies in the QDoc documentation but that is another matter. :-)
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How do one build QDoc based documentation with Qbs? I have been struggling with making this to work. The documentation says next to nothing about it and the use case I found in Qbs source code did work only partially (it created qch file for one module but no HTML or anything else so qhelpgenerator probably did not run?): https://github.com/qt-labs/qbs/blob/master/doc/doc.qbs <https://github.com/qt-labs/qbs/blob/master/doc/doc.qbs>. When I run QDoc and QHelpGenerator on the command line it works fine but for some reason I cannot make it work with Qbs. On the command line I use this:
qdoc -outputdir doc/ project.qdocconf  
qhelpgenerator doc/project.qhp -o doc/project.qch
with fairly basic qdocconf file using wild cards to match all relevant files in all modules of the project. This gives me both qch file (for use in Qt Creator) and the HTML documentation. 
What does Qbs require to do similar thing to above commands? Thanks!
Michael Vlach

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