[Qbs] How QBS && QtCreator integration does work?

Denis Shienkov denis.shienkov at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 10:16:52 CET 2018

Hi guys,

It is unclear for me how the QtC's Kits information passes to QBS... Is it
related at all?

For example, lets assume that I have added to QtC two GCC compilers 'A' and
'B'. And then I have created the 'Kit_1', in which I have choosed e.g.
compiler 'B'.

Looking by QBS cpp module scripts, I see that each CppModule also contains
a set of own Probes. As I understand, this probes tries to detect the
compiler path and etc...

But, what of path? Is it path to compiler 'A' or compiler 'B'? How QBS
knows that?

Because I already specified a concrete compiler path in configured Kit_1.
What is relationship between this Probes and QtC's Kits?

How does it work? Why we need in this Probes at all?

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