[Qbs] Using self compiled Qbs with self compiled QtCreator

Björn Schäpers qt-maillist at hazardy.de
Sun Dec 16 11:08:18 CET 2018


I try to use self compiled Qbs and QtCreator on Windows (MinGW not MSVC, no msys 
or cygwin). I'm using a separate Qbs checkout, not the one delivered with QtCreator.

My first problem was while compiling QtCreator the linker looked for 
libqbscore.a, but the file is named libqbscore1.a. Trying to remove the 1 with 
CONFIG+=skip_target_version_ext for Qbs failed to compile and link Qbs, because 
it still looks for the 1 version.

So I added a copy step to my build routine and everything linked fine. QtCreator 
seems to find Qbs and I can create a project, and add files.

But trying to compile the project ends with:
:-1: Fehler: Failed to start process launcher at 
'E:\corporate.git\QtCreator\bin\qbs_processlauncher': Das Starten des Prozesses 
ist fehlgeschlagen: Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden.
Which is not surprising, because:
E:\>where qbs_processlauncher

Did I do something wrong here? I did not find any configuration possibilities 
for Qbs inside of QtCreator, especially the path.

My directory structure is:
- qbs.git
- qbs-build
- qbs
- qt-creator.git
- QtCreator

I run inside qbs-build: qmake ..\qbs.git\qbs.pro CONFIG-="debug_and_release" 
CONFIG+="release qbs_enable_project_file_updates"
And mingw32-make install INSTALL_ROOT=\path\to\qbs

(Afterwards I copy libqbscore1.a and libqbsqtprofilesetup1.a to their 
counterparts without version number.)

For the Creator I run inside QtCreator: qmake ..\qt-creator.git 
CONFIG-="debug_and_release" CONFIG+="release" LLVM_INSTALL_DIR=\path\to\llvm 
And just plain mingw32-make

Of course I can (and will) just copy the qbs_processlauncher.exe into QtCreators 
bin directory, but this is just a hack.


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