[Qbs] Generated header files used by multiple products

Christian Gudrian christian.gudrian at aucos.de
Wed Feb 7 13:16:13 CET 2018

Am 07.02.2018 um 11:14 schrieb Christian Kandeler:
> Are you saying the rule in your module puts the header files at a project-global location?
> Then you cannot use it in more than one product,
Thanks for the clarification.

Instead of generating one set of headers per product I have added a 
StaticLibrary which depends on the generator and contains a single 
source file that #includes all generated headers. That way all the moc 
files end up in the static library that subsequently can be linked against.


Christian Gudrian
AUCOS AG, Matthiashofstraße 47–49, 52064 Aachen, Germany

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