[Qbs] "qbs setup-qt" and Qt built for cross-compilation

Ola Røer Thorsen ola at silentwings.no
Thu Jan 4 10:55:33 CET 2018

I'm building an application on a linux host computer for a target
imx6-based device. I built the Qt version myself configured for
cross-compilation. So far I've only used qbs via QtCreator and the kits
configured there, and this works fine.

When using cross-compilation, the host tools such as qmake are separated
from the installed Qt headers and libraries that are installed into the
target device's sysroot.

/hostqt contains the host tools
/targetsysroot is the root of the target sysroot, in my case i've got Qt
installed in

I'll have to build from a build server as well, and now I tried running qbs
from the command line, setting up the qt version I'm using using "qbs
setup-qt". I got some warnings from it, is this a bug or can it be ignored?
Seems like setup-qt is expecting to find the Qt libraries in the path
relative to where qmake is installed.

qbs setup-qt /hostqt/bin/qmake crossprofile


Creating profile 'crossprofile'.
Skipping prl file '/targetsysroot/opt/qt/lib/libQt5QmlDevTools.prl',
because it cannot be opened (No such file or directory).
Skipping prl file '/targetsysroot/opt/qt/lib/libQt5Bootstrap.prl', because
it cannot be opened (No such file or directory).
WARNING: You need to set up toolchain information before you can use this
Qt version for building. However, no toolchain profile was found. Either
create one using qbs-setup-toolchains and set it as this profile's base
profile or add the toolchain settings manually to this profile.

The files that qbs is looking for here are not in the target rootfs, but
rather in


Would qbs have been able to figure out the toolchain if the files were
found properly? Building using this qmake binary creates proper makefiles
for cross compilation without any further configuration necessary, so the
information IS there somewhere.

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