[Qbs] qbs-autoproject 2.0.0

resurrection at centrum.cz resurrection at centrum.cz
Wed Jul 4 21:17:35 CEST 2018

After some time improving the *qbs-autoproject* for my private use I have now released it as Version 2.0.0:
What it is in short:
Single project file that will automatically detect your projects, products and will resolve dependencies based on handful of simple settings. A project file to end all project files!
The most significant changes are:
- Works with Qbs 1.12.0 and Qt 5.11.1 and Qt Creator 4.7.0
- Frontend file for qbs-autoproject users is now only the the few configuration properties.
- Configuration properties have been re-evaluated and streamlined for easier use.
- Qt and C++ standard headers are now auto-detected.
- Default custom items shipped with qbs-autoproject have been rewritten and expanded to support various things such as profiling on Linux, static building etc. right out of the box.
Thanks a lot to people who work on Qbs, keep up the amazing work!
Best wishes,
Michael Vlach

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