[Qbs] Unable to run qdoc in Qt 5.11

resurrection at centrum.cz resurrection at centrum.cz
Sat Mar 24 16:38:53 CET 2018

So I finally figured it out after browsing through both qdoc 5.11 and qbs sources. Several things that needs to be done for the below product to work:
1. Install clang3.9 and put its bin into system PATH. Later versions do not work (contrary to what documentation claims)
2. All header files need to be included in a "moduleheader" file specified in qdocconf file like so: 
moduleheader = MyModule.h
3. qdoc does not have ANY include paths set by default nor does qbs supply any to it. Yet it is trying to find this moduleheader file in them. On the commandline it is easily solved with -I switch for qdoc however qbs does hard-code qdoc parameters so it does not work. Luckily one can use undocummented "includepaths" variable inside *.qdocconf to simulate -I command line option.
4. In order for qdoc/clang to be able to resolve the file names included in moduleheader file one either needs to supply relative paths from it to the included header files OR they must be reachable from the includepaths. Again, one can simply augment "includepaths" variable with all paths that are needed to resolve all headers.
After all is set up correctly qbs should be able to build the documentation again with Qt 5.11's qdoc.
Since the includepaths are not something you may wish to be setting manually in the *.qdocconf would it be possible to have a variable in which they may be set from Qbs file? Either that or more generically allow us to append additional command line arguments to qbs for invoking qdoc. I tried hacking into qt.core.qdocName but it did not do anything (probably read-only?).
In any case lack of diagnostics I complained about is not really qbs fault here but rather qdoc's (already reported) although I suspect qbs could issue some warning or two if it finds that the invocation of qdoc will likely fail if it is missing the moduleheader and includepaths set for it.
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> Předmět: [Qbs] Unable to run qdoc in Qt 5.11
In Qt 5.11 qdoc underwent major rewrite with Clang as its backend. Unfortunately there is something wrong or missing now in the Qbs product that is supposed to build documentation with qdoc. Product that works with Qt 5.10 qdoc (no clang):
Product {
    Depends { name: "Qt"; submodules: [ "core" ]; }
    builtByDefault: false
    type: "qch"
        files: *.qdocconf
        fileTags: "qdocconf-main"
        fileTagsFilter: ["qdoc-output"]
        qbs.install: true
        qbs.installDir: project.installDirectory
        qbs.installSourceBase: Qt.core.qdocOutputDir
        fileTagsFilter: ["qch"]
        qbs.install: true
        qbs.installDir: project.installDirectory
I have tried supplying the path to clang with LLVM_INSTALL_DIR environment variable (both global and local to build) and adding the LLVM/bin to environment path. Neither works when building this product. No warning, no error, no output.
Running qdoc on the command line works.
Any ideas or necessary changes for new qdoc?

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